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Re: TNG Caption This! 295: LeadHead's Tardy Start

Data: Behold the one millionth level of Tetris!
Riker: Haven't you got better things to do?

Worf: Commander Data!?! Why are you naked? And why are you... leaking fluid?
Data: I am... erm... performing an... erm... experiment. I believe I have experienced my first emotional reaction.

Picard: We're going to play a little game counsellor, a psychological one you could say. You see every time someone enters a room, you have to stand in a corner and keep your silence so you feel what it is like having your own twisted psychological voodoo thrown back at you.

Wesley: Sir... I can no longer deny it, you see the reason why I work so hard, the reason why I want to please you is because... is because... Because I like you...
Picard: Oh... Well, I suppose such feelings are erm... natural for a man, but unfortunately, I can't erm... reciprocate your feelings because we have different... erm... um... In fact Mr Crusher I think it is best you leave and never set foot on my bridge again!
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