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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

^The cue sheets are not in the notes, and Music of ST only has some of them.

Done with Disc 5. The ending cue for "Bread and Circuses" is Track 25, the "Smooth Neutral Ship Theme" library cue by Courage. Which, if you ask me, is misnamed. It's more stirring than neutral.

Matlovsky's "I, Mudd" score is more interesting than I remembered. Not exactly easy listening, rather edgy and experimental, but it has its nice bits. I wonder, though -- was any of Matlovsky's work tracked into other episodes? I don't remember hearing any of it reused.

No surprises in the "Tribbles" score since most of it was released before by GNP. I would note that there's a bit of an error in the liner notes, saying Cyrano demonstrated the tribble invasion of "his establishment" when it was the bartender who demonstrated it to Cyrano. There's a typo in the "I, Mudd" notes too, identifying "Stella 500" as "Stella's Response."

The Courage library cues are the highlight of the disc and quite a revelation. It's striking how many of season 2's memorable cues were done by Courage without credit. We know "Ship in Orbit" was used in "Catspaw" and probably elsewhere; "Sad and Thoughtful on Captain's Theme" (at least its middle portion) climaxed "Mirror, Mirror" and "Fight on Captain's Theme" was used twice therein; "Smooth Neutral Ship Theme" ended "Bread and Circuses"; and "Captain Playoff No. 1 (Heavy)" and a couple of the "Stingers" were both used onscreen, though I can't think of specific instances. I don't recall the other library-only cues getting used.

And I was almost right about the "pingier" version of "Monster Illusion" I remembered being a library re-recording, but it was this one for the second season, not the third. I forgot it was used in season 2 for the Mako root sequence in "A Private Little War." The orchestration must've been different because they didn't have the "magic box" (modified organ) to produce the ostinato.

The Courage-conducted versions of Steiner's cues are interesting -- I realize I recognize these different versions but was never entirely sure I was right to think they were different. The orchestration is different on a lot of them, with bass clarinet taking the place of double bass.

The "Metamorphosis" cues listed under "Alternates and Outtakes" sound like they were recorded as library versions, so I wonder why they weren't listed that way.
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