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Re: Rush to be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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As has been said, the "Rock and Roll" title is what causes all the controversy. Either be more selective, or change the name of the place.
No, it's not what causes "all" the controversy. What causes the controversy in my mind is that one artist gets in while one in the same genre, with similar charting, critical opinion, influence &c. does not. It gives the whole thing the appearance of an exclusive club where one can be blackballed for undefined, subjective, unsupportable reasons which are never articulated...
It's whomever Jann Wenner wants in. That's it.

There's also a certain desire, I think, to be inclusive, both in terms of sex and race and age.

Right or wrong, with only a handful of exceptions, "rock and roll" was basically white males singing a hybrid of blues and country.

Furthermore, since about the early 90s there have been very, very, few big names in pop music that could be considered rock. Rock was basically pop music for baby boomers. Their kids listen(ed) to hip hop, pop and even what passes now for country.

I am sure the people behind the nomination process don't want to limit the tourism potential to middle aged and senior white males. As such, they put in acts that don't really fit the definition.

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The problem with "The Music Hall of Fame" or "Pop Music Hall of Fame" is Rock has always been blue collar.
You mean, like...I dunno... David Bowie? Freddy Mercury? Roxy Music? The only "blue collar" on those guys was sequined.

How about Carly Simon (her dad was the "Simon" in "Simon and Shuster")?

Rock and roll hasn't been "blue collar" since about the time Elvis stopped driving a truck.

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For a moment i tought it was the other Rush.
Heh. I thought I was the only one.
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