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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Done with Disc 4. It's great to have "Metamorphosis" and "Return to Tomorrow" at last, though it seemed the audio quality on the former was a bit lower than it's been for most of the set, with more tape noise again.

The rest of Disc 4 is not exactly a highlight of the set. Duning's Nazi march for "Patterns of Force" is good (for a Nazi march, that is), but all those variations got repetitive; and between the last percussion-only variant and Fried's unused "Apple" percussion immediately after, there's a block of nearly 8 minutes of straight drumming. Although the Fried percussion was more interesting that the minute-and-a-half snare drum solo. And the Fried belly-dance music was less interesting than I'd expected it to be; I can understand why they replaced it.

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Can anyone find the cue used in "Bread and Circuses" during the tag? "Caesar and Christ, they had them both". It sure sounds like Dunning but I can't find the original.
Apparently it wasn't Duning. It must be one of the Courage library cues on Disc 5, but I haven't gotten there yet.
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