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Re: Diet Cards vs. Food Synthesizers

The script for "And The Children Shall Lead" has a little bit of information. To save myself some typing, I won't copy all of Scene 42--just the relevant comments.

"Nurse Chapel is standing before the five shining eyed
children. In her hand she is holding up a number of
vari-colored cards."

So the cards are described as "vari-colored"--as opposed to the regular "mono-colored" cards, I suppose.

"The [childrens'] hands reach out to grab as Nurse Chapel responds to the cries of delight."

"Vanilla... Strawberry... Cherry
and Peach... Chocolate and Licorice"

(It actually sounds like one of the kids is shouting "Cherry and Vanilla" instead of "Cherry and Peach.")

Folks probably remember that Stevie was disappointed with what he got:

"It's coconut and vanilla. They're both white."

So he reorders:

"Chocolate Wobble and Pistachio"

And Nurse Chapel inserts the two-toned card.

Stevie appends his order "...and Apricot." (Well the script has "apricot;" his line as delivered in the episode is "...and peach."

So Nurse Chapel removes the two-toned card she had put in and replaces it with a three-toned card.

Here are the seven cards Nurse Chapel starts out with:

The cards we see match up pretty well with the stuff the kids yelled out.

Here's what appears to be a plain white card for "vanilla"--grabbed my Tommy Starnes:

Here's what appear to be a plain red card for "strawberry"--grabbed by Ray Tsing Tao:

Here's what appears to be a red and light-peach colored card for "cherry and peach"--grabbed by Don Linden (or perhaps it's red and white for "Cherry and Vanilla"):

Here's the one that's a little confusing: what we see of it is a pink card (or maybe plain white) when it's grabbed by Mary Janowski. But earlier when Chapel is holding it, you can see that it appears to have some chocolate brown color. Perhaps it is half chocolate brown and half black (the half that is hidden behind the other cards)--and the *back* of the card is the lighter pink or whitish color.

Lastly, we have Stevie O'Connel's cards. We have his original card which seems to be all white--or two very similar shades of white (for his coconut and vanilla):

Then we have the brown and light green card (for "Chocolate Wobble and Pistachio"--whatever the heck "Wobble" is):

Lastly, we have the brown and light green *and* light apricot/peach colored card for the "chocolate Wobble and Pistachio and Peach):

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