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Re: Very iffy copy of 9 minute trailer

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Between TWOK and TSFS things about the bridge changed.
To be fair, as Kirk said "the bridge [was] smashed" so in the long journey home where they picked up twice as much damage to the hull ( ) they probably replaced a lot of stuff with spares.
Yeah, possibly. The time span between the two films has always been kind of cloudy so we don't know just how much time the battle-worn crew had to make some repairs with existing stores of parts.

The only thing we know for certain is that Saavik and David had enough time to transfer over to the Grissom and arrive at Genesis to begin their scans and studies, but that doesn't require all that much time given that starships can travel at high warp and the request by Saavik and Kirk's son to go back to Genesis aboard the closest available science vessel wouldn't have taken long at all to get the greenlight.
I always liked Vonda McIntyre's novelization for TSFS, because, if I recall, she spent a good 100+ pages on the period between the two films. Clearly a lot had to happen to get David and Saavik off the ship, to get someone else to go pick up the crew of the Reliant, and for Carol Marcus to magically disappear. Not to mention the change in Kirk's mood from hopeful to maudlin. (Oh, and for Kirk to record himself over his ex-ladyfriend on the Genesis "So you want to create life on a lifeless planet?" pitch video).
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