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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Vektor, your work is always beautiful and this piece is as well. The Polaris is amazing and I can't wait to see her fly.

My skill is no where near yours, but I hope these suggestions might help in some way. Maybe try slightly blurring the center console area and noticably blurring the background to provide a depth cue much as audiences have come to expect from television and motion pictures. Additional duplicate objects visible in both foreground and background, in addition to the columns and hand rail, such as crewmen, chairs, recognizable consoles, etc might aid the illusion of depth. The colored reflections do seem a bit concentrated and probably do need to be in line with the deck plates and perpendicular to the monitors.
The control console forward, center frame is to at least my eyes distracting. I realize it is there to hide Maurice but IMO it's prominent position, colors and shape draw the eye and distract from the illusion of the scene. Perhaps move it closer to the larger control panel to the left, or even make it the back side of that panel, and change it's orientation and shape as it's level with a brighter surface while the other control areas seem more sloped and darker.
I have a question concerning the perspective of the scene. When I look at it the columns with the ladders and the previously referenced console seem to make the room appear slightly twisted. Is that how it would appear in real life or some kind of optical illusion? Also the rail, Maurice and the long console make it appear there is almost no walking space between them and the column, is that intentional or another optical illusion?

Hope none of my comments or questions have come across as insulting. I have and continue to enjoy watching the Polaris and this set develop. Thank you and please keep up the excellent work.
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