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Duration doesn't necessarily reflect quality. The fact the Ancient Aliens show is still on the air tells us that.
Well, the show seems pretty well quality to me, I got all the DVD sets of it that's been released so far. Also, I have shown it to some of the most closed minded or just average joe sixpack of my friends and family and they do admit the concept is fascinating and worth thinking about. And if the topic of that show bothers you so much, then don't watch, grab the channel changer and change, or get off your butt and do it manually.
No problem! It's been switched.

It also shows that people still will ask the questions mainstreamers, and Trek nerds, it seems, dare not ask.
Oh, we've asked. And the only answer that doesn't involve preposterous assumptions is, "Not enough evidence; get back to me if you find anything."

There's no harm in continuing to look for evidence, but it is harmful to try to convince everyone that it's true when you have no proof.
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