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Re: WIP - USS Enterprise: the R-Protocol

That really makes the model pop. The dual shuttlebay's join-line adds visual complexity to the secondary hulls topside.

Something I was thinking about.

You actually have a 1/350 TOS Enterprise all your own--something that has been lost on folks who are discussing the other 1/350.

And yet people are discussing the type of paints needed to make their model into what they saw on screen, and the paints themselves will not allow for that alone.

Now I wonder if you could use vacuform/blow-molds with this substance--scotchlight

Now this, perhaps mixed with paint and lit with mercury vapor lamps would yield the painfully bright blue-white look from the original series, although you would have to use zip-a-tone (screentone) for the decals to allow light to bleed through else the decals would look too dark:

Also, vacuform/blowmolds allow for better self-illumination via the raytheon effect as lit from beneath, seeing as internal support mechanisms on clear injection molds may allow for internal shadows. One day someone might find a way to vacuform LED strips or flexible screen displays. So Kerr planned based yard displys might be something to play around with, to approach the warm NBC yellow? I don't think they allow for Radium paint for that anymore

Very strong whites and blacks

Glow in the dark paint

I wonder if a multi-armed robot could remove material all in one go from a solid piece of acrylic with a rod at the base allowed for a light pipe. Paint all over and maybe you have a uniform glow from all parts.
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