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Technically speaking, Robotech isn't "anime", it's "Japanimation", which is the practice of re-editing (and sometimes even rewriting the basic story of) anime properties for a Western audience. This was done with the anime properties behind Robotech, Voltron, and Battle of the Planets, among others.

And I wouldn't suggest even MENTIONING Robotech among hard-core anime's not well regarded to the point people get extremely and vocally upset when it comes up. I've personally been a victim of this both on-line and face-to-face.

About the OPs problems with Shadow had a lot to do already, being essentially a pilot for a proposed new series. As a pilot, it had the unenviable job of establishing the base characters and setting, at the expense of on-going plot development (though we DID see some advance in the Scott/Ariel relationship).
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