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I might once my photo-etch gets here. It will be another long, drawn-out project, though. I'm weighing my lighting options first, and might start sharing block diagrams and then circuits first before the actual modelling starts.
The photo-etching does look like it adds so much! But the lighting kits are so expensive. Will you make your own or buy one? I'm using one from my old TMP lit kit (with sounds!). Will be using fibreoptics with it. It should work well enough.
I intend to make one of my own based around the very inexpensive microcontrollers or Raspberry Pi-style computers out there on the market now. The end result will be much more expensive than anything Round2 is putting out, so although I agree that their kit seems expensive, it probably isn't that bad of a deal. I've launched, probably prematurely, a thread on my build where I'll be talking to myself mostly while I piece together ideas until I settle on a final direction.
Twinkies are back. I knew they couldn't stay away from me for long.
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