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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

These last two segments demonstrate what I've said all along: Donald Sandhurst is the best captain out of all the ones created by the UT authors here. Period, no argument, end of discussion.

I mean, seriously. What he did was a power grab? The rest of the captains called a fucking meeting to try and figure out something that the concept of chain of command settles every time it's applied: All your admirals are gone? Then the most senior captain takes over. All that was needed was checking the records and finding out who's been captain longest. They called a meeting? To find out what the missing VADM wanted? And they have to confirm it with the REMFs in Starfleet Command? Really? Do they need a Deltan wet nurse to wipe their asses for them too?

Donald Sandhurst tried to assume ultimate responsibility for the mission when no one else had the balls to, and even though someone else was named heir apparent - and I question THE MAN's judgment in that instance - it just means Sandhurst's little corner of the mission will get the job done and the rest of Vanguard is screwed. I don't feel sorry for them.

BTW - since Starfleet follows US Navy rank structure - the rank of Commodore still exists. It was renamed Rear Admiral (Lower Half). That means Sandhurst should have replicated a Rear Admiral pin.
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