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Re: TNG Caption This! 295: LeadHead's Tardy Start

Picard: Who stole my shuttle?! Wesley's still here, we have a gorgon for a doctor, and Troi's pregnant, I gotta get out of here!

Riker: Unauthorized shuttle launch?
Data: Sensors indicate Captain Picard is aboard.
Riker: -sigh- I just sounded yellow alert because of some subspace turbulence. This is getting ridiculous.

Worf: Sensors detected an intruder in this room.
Troi: I'm just pregnant Worf!
Worf: Pregnant...? Set phasers to fetal settings. We do not wish to harm Counselor Troi.

Picard: Bow-chicka-wowow.
Pulaski: Don't you think it is condescending and sexist to have her parading around in a catsuit, Captain?
Picard: Well she has to earn her keep somehow. Her therapy certainly doesn't qualify as being useful.

Picard: You mean your mother suddenly left for Earth without any word or explanation and didn't take you? What kind of mother abandons her chi--- Wait, unnecessary question... I guess I can't blame her for -that- damn her.
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