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Re: The Dark Knight Trilogy...

How did that turn out? I wasn't really all that impressed with the TDK Blu-ray myself. Though I'm thinking part of the problem had to be my nonexistent tricked-out audio system. Dialogue and some other things were just not loud enough even with the TV at max volume. The same goes for one of the theaters I saw it in: Alfred's "you didn't make it loud enough" gag completely fizzles if the scene isn't REALLY LOUD in the first place.

I tried experimenting with different audio settings but wasn't successful in fixing the situation. One of the audio tracks, the third English one, was actually at the right volume, but comes equipped with... wait for it... a voiceover explaining what's happening for blind people. "HARVEY LOOKS AROUND NERVOUSLY." Yes, I can see that! Thank you very much!!!
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