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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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The only grain managment is DNR and that is a big no-no.
I think you missed his point.

Nobody appears to have managed the use of DNR on Season 2. They either used too much, like in the vfx scenes, or didn't use any. DNR isn't bad if it's used in such a way that it balances the variance of grain from shot to shot. The shots shouldn't be scrubbed clean, but rather just 'slightly' cleaned up so that switching from one POV to another isn't jarring, or switching from a scene with no VFX to one with a phaser shot isn't completely different.

DNR is a tool like any other and can be used well or poorly.

HTV promote themselves as 'leaders' in the industry but their work on TNG and other projects show otherwise. If their tools were as advanced as they claim they are, then all of the footage should look somewhat more consistent.

They can talk themselves up but the work speaks for itself.
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