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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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The discussions and examinations need to happen before these events, and between them. Building on something Ziyal said above, the suicide rate needs real attention; the vast majority of disturbed people kill themselves and no-one else, and unless there's some ideological/political capital to be taken from it there's never any real attention paid to them. I'd encourage a discussion on mental health and attitudes toward support and community over another debate on guns, but I'm wary that trying to start such a discussion in response to an event like this is not likely to lead anywhere productive. I think I'd suggest that everyone wait for the shock and unrest to die down a little, but don't just forget what's happened; use it to encourage a rational discussion on change.
Amen! The only part I disagree with is that I think we have to have both discussions, mental health and guns. As we saw so dramatically yesterday, a disturbed person with a gun can do so much more damage in a short period of time than a disturbed person with some other weapon.
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