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Surely the Federation would interfere if a warp capable civilization tried to exploit the people inside Federation territory, citizen or not.

er, why would they?

It would basically be like a civil war in the case of the Baku vs. the Son'a, which the Federation frowns on getting involved in.(remember Picard's "blood feud" comment?)

And why would the UFP offer protection to the Baku when they would benefit much more greatly from the Son'a removing them? Especially since the Baku have nothing to offer the UFP.
Because good people don't only help those they can profit from.

I don't agree that "good people" would want to help the Baku. The Baku showed every sign of being selfish, self-absorbed, and closed-minded. They stumbled upon a resource which could have helped billions and chose to keep it a secret to continue to benefit from it themselves. They exiled the Son'a off the ENTIRE PLANET, knowing what that meant to them, even though they were only a small group, and could have settled somewhere else. They adopt an attitude of smug superiority toward those who don't agree with their pacifist, Luddite lifestyle. And a vastly greater good would come from removing them so that billions can benefit from the medical advances.

And even apart from all that, it's not UFP policy to get involved in internal disputes. Why would the UFP help the Baku when they wouldn't lift a finger to help others with much BETTER cases for intervention, like the Bajorans? You're changing the argument now because you know there's no way out of the choice: either it's a Federation planet and the Baku get removed by the Federation, or it's not, and they get removed by another power.

Either way, the Baku get removed once they get discovered. There's just no reason, save for the one in Picard's pants, to get involved in helping the Baku here.(except as far as helping them resettle. They could offer help in resettling the Baku on another planet. And then make rude gestures at them while they leave).
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