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Bishop76 wrote: View Post
Macross saga is obviously the best
I can't help but think this is why I'm becoming more of a Macross fan, well that and the Macross Universe is less depressing than Robotech since all their later wars happen in space instead of Earth getting crushed into the ground by repeated alien invasions.

Macross Do You Remember Love (Ai Oboeteimasuka) is the movie version of the original show and is a phenomenal distilling of the story down to 2 hours.
Too bad the chances of a US release are when hell freezes over.

Macross 2 is the canon-disavowed sequel that was a 6-episode straight to video series. It was okay, but basically a retelling of the original story with the Zentraedi masters, The Marduk, attacking earth.
Interestingly enough on the Robotech forum somebody pointed out that this would have made a better basis for the Robotech Masters Saga than Southern Cross.

Macross Plus is a phenomenal story set 30ish years after the original story - 4 straight to video episodes compiled into one movie about a couple of competing test pilots going for the military contract for the next generation Valkyrie (Veritech). Also both chasing the same piece of ass.
I first saw that on the Sci-fi channel's Anime Monday block, that pretty much what started to shift my interest to Macross.

Macross 7 sucks. Period.
Yes, yes it does.

Macross Zero was a prequel and turned out about as great as most prequels do.
I think it suffers from trying make Macross more Gundamish with the both sides are bastards thing.

Macross Frontier is the latest series and it's actually mostly good again.
Yes it was.

Mark_Nguyen wrote: View Post
I'm actually going through Macross 7 right now, for the third time since watching it with the anime club back in the 90s. I understand that it's a love-hate sorta thing with its fans. Personally, if you can get through the first 12 episodes or so (which even I think aren't good),
It doesn't help that they use the repetitive ship of the week format

(To be fair, I'm currently watching Macross 7 two episodes at a time while on the treadmill in the morning, and probably wouldn't be doing it otherwise.
Thats probably the only reason I got through the whole thing

Robotech was also the real gateway into anime for me, though like Bishop above I've largely forsaken it in favor of its original constituent series. Give plenty of credit to Carl Macek and those who stitched together three unrelated stories into a reasonably decent saga. They did better than Voltron (and vehicle Voltron!) and other similar efforts of that era, IMO.
Yeah the guy does deserve more credit then some of the more anal Macross fans give him.
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