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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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Lots of stuff.
So essentially you want a Ron Stoppable sidekick type guy to serve as the viewpoint for the audience? Someone that the audience can relate to because clearly the idea of connecting with a woman is just crazy? A man who is actually the true hero of the story who saves Wonder Women during the climatic battle? Really, now? That's what you want?
Where did I say that's what I wanted?

Please highlight the exact passages in my post that indicated this was what I, personally, wanted.

Oh, wait--that's right: there are no such passages. You invented this misinterpretation out of thin air. Got it.

Now, I know you don't really care about my opinion--if you did, you would have made a greater effort to understand what that opinion was. (And you wouldn't have simply dismissed it as "lots of stuff") But for what it's worth, you've just made a complete fool out of yourself in my eyes.

And, instead of just heaping my scorn on you, the way you did to me, I'm actually going to answer your questions.

Until I read your post, I didn't give two fucks about Wonder Woman, or if a Wonder Woman movie ever got made, or not. Whether they made the movie I described, or some other movie, or no movie at all, was all the same to me. I was merely trying to think of a way to get past the sort of reluctance that the other poster was describing.

It was all the same to me--until I read your post. I've recently been reading a work of eighteenth-century philosophy with one of our graduate students--De L'Esprit by Claude-Adrien Helvetius--and I was struck by a section in which he argues that it's impossible for people to remain indifferent to things for long. Unless they discover a reason to like them, their indifference will quickly turn to hostility. That seems quite true to me.

In this case--I was indifferent to the prospect of a Wonder Woman movie. Now, I'm not.

Instead, I find myself hoping it never gets made--or, if it is, that it's made exactly the way I described--just to spite you.

So, in answer to your questions:

--yes, that is what I want now;

--yes, really;

--yes, that's what I want, for the reasons I outlined above.
Lol. Internet rage is a funny thing. I guess from your lips to Gos ears...
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