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I might once my photo-etch gets here. It will be another long, drawn-out project, though. I'm weighing my lighting options first, and might start sharing block diagrams and then circuits first before the actual modelling starts.
The photo-etching does look like it adds so much! But the lighting kits are so expensive. Will you make your own or buy one? I'm using one from my old TMP lit kit (with sounds!). Will be using fibreoptics with it. It should work well enough.

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It might be a while before I start building mine. I want to do it right and I plan to do a couple of other builds first. It could take me up to a year to build this kit as I'd like to.
A year sounds right- unless you have nothing but time to commit to such a project. There are just so many avenues of detail to potentially add!

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I came across this today on the RPF. It's an extensive PL 1701-A build. I don't want to pull the focus off this topic, but thought the gang here would appreciate the insane build the guy did. It can hold you over for a bit, perhaps.

I imagine the 1/350 TOS builds will pop up there shortly. A bunch of the members there are reporting in on receiving their kits, lighting, etc. I'm not planning on building one, but I enjoy reading the build threads.
I saw this. It really is quite inspirational, eh? Thanks for posting this here!

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