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Since you brought up mohenjo daro, you might enjoy this link where they bring up the topic of the Mahabarata and aspects that sound like a high tech war in the ancient past. By the way Castellan have you ever wondered how Da Vinci had such broad knowledge during an era of such intellectual vacuity? Maybe, Leonardo didn't really invent any of that. He just stole items from the Vatican Archives which had been transferred to Rome during the Roman Empire from the Library at Alexandria and contained lost texts from Atlantis. That's the real reason the Church wanted to suppress his writings, they were hiding the evidence of their real source. Much as the Mahabharata may be vague retelling of a long forgotten alien battle on Earth.
What about the radiation, the fact also that the people looked like they were running for their lives, and did not succeed, all strewn about as if something really terrible happened. Plus the bodies look pretty much new, and giving off radiation themselves. I think either an advanced human society or aliens were the cause, plus vitrified walls are seen in other places of the world, which also look like some really nasty combat was taking place.

With ol' Leo, I would not be surprised, if he did, or the Vatican trying to hide it all. Since Alexandria was trashed, man really got dumbed down for ages.

Also, these ancient societies not only handled stones weighing up to 1000 tons, many of them looks like to carved via machine, the super complex patterns to which they were cut were amazing, especially when they are so sharp, you can still cut yourself on them. Even the query sites show indications of machine or even laser cutting, the statue of Ramses and obelisks in Egypt show that, they look very very mechanically made, no one, no matter how good they are, can't do that by hand with copper chisels. Also, some hieroglyphs show what looks like large lightbulbs.....mainstreamers say they are lotus blossoms with their 'fragrance' going out.....but the smell of flowers, even giant ones, don't need support racks, which are shown in each of these hieroglyphs with said bulbs....the racks are holding them up.

I'm impressed, Kodos, your mind is quite open. I like that.
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