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Re: VOY Caption This 94; Leverage

Thanks for the win!

EMH: "I just want to know, how drunk were you to get your head stuck in a First Federation toilet seat?"

Tuvok: "Consider yourself on report and confined to quarters until the Captain can come up with a suitable punishment."
Bolian: "For wearing a medallion?!?"
Tuvok: "Regulations clearly state that medallions can only be worn with a shirt open to the waist, and with chest hair on show. Is your shirt open?"
Bolian: "No sir."
Tuvok: "Does your species have chest hair?"
Bolian: "Only the women..."

Vorik: "Every seven years, Vulcans face the irrepressible urge to Gangnam."
B'Elanna: "Not on my watch, mister!"

Seven: "EnsignTaurik: USS Enterprise, Starfleet Academy commendations, six."
Harry: "Ah, Lt William Chapman, Deep Space Six, Starfleet Academy commendations, nine. Trumps your Taurik."
Seven: "This activity is futile."
Harry: "It's either Starfleet Top Trumps, or Captain Proton in the holodeck with Tom."
Seven: "Your go."

EMH: "I'm sorry Neelix, it's bad news. That outfit is deader than plaid."
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