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Re: The which movie/series/anime was that thread.

Great topic!

I remember seeing a movie that started with a woman killing her abusive husband in self defense. It's new years and she goes to see her friend at a bar and talk about it, he's just gotten out of prison. She talks to him a while, goes somehwere and says to a aquaintance she meets that she wishes she could just do this last year all over again. And suddenly she finds herself at the same spot one year earlier and gets to live the year all over again, but in a better way. She tries warning her friend about his bout in jail, but he ends up there anyways. He asked her why they'd let hem him go later on and on and she says something along the lines of "I..I dunno, they just let you go." Later on it's the fateful new years eve again and she's nearly getting killed by her abusive husband again, but this time it's the friend just out of jail that steps in and kills the husband. The friend says "You where right...they just let me go." Film ends with them standing there over the husbands body while the camera moves out the shattered window.

And I can not for the life of me remember what it was called.
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