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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

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I also have to add that the corridors in front of Kirk's and Janice's quarters on Engineering Deck 12 are equally long as the one from "The Ultimate Computer". In "The Enemy Within" we almost have a perfect camera pan with Evil-Kirk from the turbo lift to the rest of the corridor and Janice's corridor is equally long if we add the visual information of "Janice's corridor" from "The Enemy Within" to the one from "Charlie X".
My initial observations regarding Janice's quarters are:
"The Enemy Within"
1. Kirk's exit from turbo lift and short walk to Janice's quarters doesn't give any strong indication of curvature or length due to how tight the camera is on Kirk. No zoom out to give us a full picture.
2. Janice entering her quarters we see the hallway outside has a slight curvature at the floor where two wall segments meet.
3. Janice's cabin has a slight curvature based on the interior shots of walls
4. Where Fisher is calling the bridge and is attacked by Evil-Kirk is in a curved hallway, but where it is relative to Janice's cabin is unknown due to cut between him running to get help and Kirk exiting to chase after him.

"Charlie X"
1. camera shot outside quarters panning left to right only shows a short segment (the one that starts at her door to the grill with pipes where Charlie is).
2. camera shot inside quarters through door show wall on other side.
3. we don't know if Janice is a new cabin or stayed in the one from "The Enemy Within".

If we assume that Janice's cabin is in both episodes, the total length of the corridor is about 2/3rd the length of the S1 curved corridor set (which is about 1/2 the length of the S2 curved corridor set. I'll put together a map like Mytran has to better illustrate it this weekend.
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