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Re: Syfy's 20th Anniversary Special and the Viability of More Farscape

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I forgot about First Wave and Lexx, but didn't those shows, along with Farscape, make up the original Sci-Fi Friday?
The very first Sci-Fi Friday line-up in March 1999 was Sliders, Farscape, Poltergeist the Legacy and First Wave. Sliders had debuted on Sci-Fi Monday nights in September 1998 (paired with Welcome to Paradox), but Sliders entered nearly six months of reruns so that the back half of Sliders season four could help premiere Sci-Fi Friday. Sliders was in the 2.0 ratings range before the reruns; it came back around 1.6 and never recovered.

It should also be noted that Sci-Fi was so confident in First Wave that it committed to co-finance 3 seasons up front; it was this commitment that led to be a factor in Sliders season six not happening. Of course, that was probably a blessing for Sliders. Sci-Fi was planning on slashing the Sliders budget further and using the production model of G vs E (i.e. skirting union rules). The unions shut G vs E down because of the method (leaving it to return and finish the remainder of its obligated episode order as Good vs Evil).

From what little I know, a Sliders season six was going to consist of the Sliders exploring only one patchwork world (the result of season five villain Geiger successfully collapsing the multiverse). This would have cut down on visual effects and set dressings and left the season somewhat like the first half of Andromeda season five. I've often wondered if Sci-Fi decided to take the Sliders cost saving model and just apply it to Andromeda that year; it seems like a big coincidence otherwise.

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