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Re: Syfy's 20th Anniversary Special and the Viability of More Farscape

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I found it interesting that First Wave (3 seasons) and Lexx were not mentioned at all; not even a two second flash of the title logo. I also thought we would see something of Tripping the Rift; Sci-Fi seemed so high on it at the time.

And I did find it conspicuous that none of the BBC stuff got a mention. Sci-Fi Channel was, for a great many, their first exposure to the Russell T. Davies Doctor Who; it's where I first saw it and the only outlet I had to see it from.

In any case, I enjoyed the special. It reminded me that Sci-Fi has done a lot of good despite itself.
I forgot about First Wave and Lexx, but didn't those shows, along with Farscape, make up the original Sci-Fi Friday? It would have been nice to get even a feature on the original Friday Night Line-Up because like TGIF on ABC, the Sci-Fi Friday was a fixture for the channel for years before they acquired Friday Night Smackdown.
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