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Re: Describe if you will, a "real" Star Trek battle...

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^ Actually, I think it would be standard practice for some starfleets (not neccesarily the Federation) to intentionally decompress their ships on entering combat and have the crew perform the entire operation in space suits. It occurs to me that a ship full of atmosphere and combustible materials is probably an enormous fire hazard and it's just safer to avoid the whole "exploding consoles" thing if there's no air in there to begin with.
Keep the suits, leave the atmosphere. That way, if a console explodes and punctures the suit, the crew member isn't totally screwed, but they are prepared if the environmental systems go offline, or the hull is breached in their area.

The way consoles explode, I don't think combustion with air has much to do with it. The fires afterwards, sure, but explosive consoles gonna 'splode, air or no. Really, extreme-environment suits, like Spock's in the new movie, would be the best protection.

Shutting down artificial gravity would seem to be a safe bet too; no more bridge officers getting crushed by falling pillars.
How often does it happen that things just fall and hit folks? Usually it's stuff that exploded. Without gravity, it's going to fly across the bridge, hitting lots of people while ricocheting off walls and stuff.
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