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Re: Scientist declares “Earth is F**ked" --Discuss?!

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So now socialism is what happens when capitalists deny other people their property rights?
Yes, for the people denied property rights it largely is. However, they don't require capitalists to deny themselves property rights, and the pre-revolutionary Russian serfs maintained a system very much like that, where each village would re-decide which families got to work which plots of land, based on how many children they had, etc, all in the name of fairness and efficiency. The result was the poorest class of people north of Africa, because nobody would make any improvements on the land (since someone else might get the same plots next year), and the plots weren't even contiguous. They could give you a dozen narrow strips that were far apart from each other, so you spent half your day moving from one to the other. But the land and resources were allocated fairly!
No, Socialism is government ownership of the means of production.
Actually, socialism is the state/ruling class' CONTROL of the means of production. And it's a very inclusive concept.
Gturner went on about these semantics at some length in his posts.

Also, Davros - gturner's example you quoted as not being socialism is MOST DEFINITELY socialism.
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