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Re: Starships underwater WTF???

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I completely understand the irrational anger, however I would think starships designed in a fictional series would be equipped to enter gas giants, many of which are comprised of liquid materials.
That is all.
Keywords: "fictional series"

You're absolutely right. They can do whatever they want, because it's NOT REAL.

Didn't we do this 4 years ago?
Anyone who's taking the OP seriously (and who thinks he's talking about nuTrek: Read the line below carefully.

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We're supposed to believe a huge Federation starship can come down through a planet's atmosphere, descend into a large body of water and submerge itself completely?

The Trek I knew is dead, replaced with this unjustified nonsense. Star Trek: Insurrection is not true Star Trek. Screw Rick Berman and his idiotic "kewl" popcorn-movie stunts. Gene Rodenberry would be rolling in his grave. I'm through with Star Trek
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