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Re: Question about how Hubble can see objects from soon after the Big

One of the weirdest things in the early Universe is INFLATION, and if you come at it from a traditional newtonian and classical math background then this science behind it goes a little arsed ways.

and the physics and cosmology behind it is called the InflationaryUniverse model

We are now told that the very early Universe went through a quick period of rapid FTL expansion like a balloon blowing up faster than light speed.
But that's ok because none of the laws of physics and mathematics were broken in the real Universe, newton laws and einsteins theories and all those other nifty bits of math still hold true because the real Universe itself didn't see the Real Universe is like the skin on an apple or the skin of a balloon and it expanded normal speed.....but that pocket of magicair inside we call inflation well that was allowed expand FTL because its only an expanding bubble of space-time
The Inflationary Expansion didn't last long though cos if it did our math of the stars would be a mess, so this expansion well it lasted less than a hundredth of a second, less than a microsecond, less than a nano second....about 10-^35 seconds.

In defense of the magic FTL Inflation theory
The science is actually pretty sound once the eggheads actually went out and tested it
The model helps explain why some of the Universe is now no longer observable, adds to the theory of missing observable matter and how space at the start didn't have initial curvature but the universe then started to warp and curve over time.
Laboratories like Fermilab and Cern are now finding some of the fundamental early particles that were expected to be found at the beginning of time in the Inflationary Model
NASA's Cobe satellite mission, the Hubble and Europe's Plank craft searched for predicted structures in the early universe, light red shifted into CMB radiation
and these structures scientists forecast in visible and microwave were consistent with satellite data
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