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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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I was just pointing out that when a human is stating something to another human in Trek and using the term "we" (etc.) it doesn't mean that he speaks for all species or cultures.
When Picard (for example) says "we no longer do ______ ," beyond not including the entirety of the Federation in the "we," likely the "we" only includes a segment of the Human population that has made the decision to embrace the philosophy that Picard was speaking of. Picard is the only character on the show who openly spoke of the non-existence of money.

Riker at one point spoke of not carrying physical money (for a gratuity), but never said that money (and tipping) doesn't exist.

Exactly where the majority of the 24th century characters stand on this philosophical issue is unclear.

Beverly Crusher does use money. Jake Sisko's position would seem to be in flux, in one episode he engages in a series of business deal to acquire money, later he tries to borrow some, then he says he doesn't need it.

Similarly, only two Humans (and one Ferengi) ever spoke of the separate philosophy of dedicating your life to bettering yourself and all Humanity. It's interesting that both Humans specifically referred to Humanity, and not some larger group like "all intelligent beings."

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Some of these things were extracted from this particular article which you might want to read through:
How nice, all that 9/11 truther conspiracy stuff that the Zeitgeist Movement is so well known for has apparently been push to the back burner.

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