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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

This latest umpteenth incident has extra similarities to a horrific single-classroom shooting in late 1990s Scotland. One ''man'' murdered the teacher, killed roughly half and wounded nearly all of approximately 30 gradeschoolers, all well under 10 years of age.

Did we have at least one elementary school incident about that same time in the Midwest, pre-Columbine? Or was it a junior high in this case? I remember another female teacher and perhaps half-a-dozen kids perished. That was also pre-Columbine. The {unprintable} who massacred those at Virginia Tech was partially inspired by Columbine's Dumb and Dumber killers.

Then, more recently in this country, a ''man'' who had lost his daughter decided to shoot and kill over five Amish girls of various ages. Several of the girls actually asked to be the victims so there friends could be spared. After this horrible incident, the Amish community reached out to the killer's widow and declared he was forgiven. I'm not capable of thinking that, but the Amish set one hell of an example.
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