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I have a few silly questions about the guest character of Shelby, Admiral Hanson's "Borg expert" in "The Best of Both Worlds" two-parter, as portrayed by Elizabeth Dennehy.

The SD DVD screencaps up on TrekCore aren't perfectly clear to my eye. Was Shelby a LCDR or a CMDR? Did it appear that she was promoted during the two-parter?

Did others in this forum feel Dennehy's portrayal of Shelby came off as a competent professional or as sexy or both?

How was Shelby a "Borg expert" if she never encountered the Borg before the Jouret IV massacre? Since the Federation only knew what the Enterprise-D's J-25 encounter unearthed about the Borg, what was there for her to base her expertise on?

I remember reading in magazines about how TNG fans back in '90 had a hostile reaction to Shelby, which seemed ridiculous to me. I thought she was the best character in that episode. I'd want her covering my back. Riker seemed to be irritated with her precisely because she was so much like him, a notion Picard seemed to rib his Number One about.

Am I the only one who regards her as a kind of young, female version of James T. Kirk?

The Memory Alpha article on Shelby quotes Ronald D. Moore discussing the mention of "Captain Shelby" in DS9 as saying there was some licensing issue involving the possibility of mentioning/seeing the character again. What is the issue? What is wrong with mentioning this character, or seeing her in a follow-up STAR TREK adventure?

I would love to see Shelby featured in some kind of pre-TNG adventure, where she was a brash, young lieutenant aboard an early Galaxy- or Nebula-class prototype on her maiden voyage. It would be neat to imagine her in a role like a science or security officer, seen as a hands-on rising star, and throw in some '80's hair to top it off.
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