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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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But a 20 year old from a broken or breaking family who suffers from develemental disorders and displays OCD like tendencies lashing out at his mother and the kids in her class because of a precieved jealousy that she liked them more than him, or anger that she chose her "kids" at the school over his family can be looked at logically and provide both context and understanding of the situation beyond the emotional response to the event.
How do you know that she choose her 'kids' over him, or are you are just pulling a theory out from your arse.
It was an example not a fact, of why im interested in the motivating factors of the shoorte. And I said he could have precieved that not that she actually did.

They are now saying that his mother died at the house, and that she might have worked at the school in the past as a volunteer not as a teacher.
Doesn't change my example above.
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