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Re: Syfy's 20th Anniversary Special and the Viability of More Farscape

In general I am very selective tv viewer. I usually watch one or two series at a time at most. Sometimes none at all.

So I never seen most of Sci-Fi's original series. But also because of the way they treated Sliders turned me off to the whole network. I am not talking about cast changes or quality. But their shitty scheduling!

BY the time they aired the first episodes of a new season, I believe the whole season was completed. Yet they would only air new episodes for a few weeks and than have weeks and weeks of no episodes. With maybe a single new episode in a month. Is it surprising that fans would have no idea when a new episode would air??? I decided if they can't support their own shows I am not going to bother. Most of their early shows they abandoned supporting very quickly.

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