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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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Whatever his 'motivation' was it is not going to be anything remotely justifiable.
Never said it would. Nothing justifies an act like this.

But a 20 year old from a broken or breaking family who suffers from develemental disorders and displays OCD like tendencies lashing out at his mother and the kids in her class because of a precieved jealousy that she liked them more than him, or anger that she chose her "kids" at the school over his family can be looked at logically and provide both context and understanding of the situation beyond the emotional response to the event.

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I'll save discussion of the potential merits of gun control for another day. But we have just got to do something about the culture of violence in this country.

When Pres. Kennedy was assassinated, TV shows dialed down violence a great deal, toy guns disappeared from stores. I was never even allowed to play with one or to have a G.I. Joe. The amount of gore on even network television these days sincerely alarms me.

We has a mass shooting just last week. I don't know the answers -- surely better and more available mental health care must be part of the mix -- but when will we finally be moved as a society to do something? We must refuse to accept that this sort of horrific event has become "normal" -- that we'll just murmur nice words, go back to our lives . . . and then wait for the next mass-killing.
It's what we do.

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This quote taken from Tumblr: "I just wish mental health care were as easy to get as, say, a gun."
Truth is it should be far easier, and getting treatment and having mental illness shouldn't be stigmatized.

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bigdaddy wrote: View Post
But the death total is...

6 Adults at the school
18 Kids at the school
2 kids at the hospital
1 adult at some place in town
Killed himself
Why can't they ever start with the last step?
Because, in America someone else always has to pay for their slighting/problem.
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