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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

It's interesting to see the spread between critics and film goers, if the spread is very great then the critics are out of touch with reality.
We may even agree with the critics.
Everybody of coarse has an opinion, but that opinion can be shaped, sometime people go see a movie when they are in a bad mood or really super tired and get dragged along by there friends to the late show. There are variables in play. But strong word of mouth at work/school usually is a very good indicator, the last movie that got that with the people around me was the Avengers, and before that The Dark Knight, the fact is, it doesn't happen that often.

As for the Hobbit I plan to see not because I am a huge fan, but I want to see the new premium way to see films 3D+48fps.

Here is an example where fans disagreed with the critics by a large margin over 50%

Some critics both professional and non-professional lean toward snobbery when it comes to cinema.
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