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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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My problem was more with Chris Evans's race. I'm not opposed in principle to the idea of Sue Storm being Hispanic, but if so, shouldn't Johnny have been Hispanic too?
"Sue Storm" wasn't Hispanic, the actor playing her was.
Well, why couldn't Sue and Johnny have been Hispanic? Or black? Or anything? Sure, "Storm" is an English name, but there are lots of people of mixed heritage who have English names by this point. Heck, they cast Kerry Washington as Alicia Masters, so they weren't married to the original ethnicities from the comics. So why be so quick to assume that the movie's Sue and Johnny weren't Hispanic? We have no proof either way, beyond how they looked, and as others have pointed out to me, that's hardly definitive.

And BTW, the logical leap with respect to the "risks' taken by the FF in the movie (and I agree, it shouldn't have required a "leap") was that if Doom defeated the FF, his next step would be world domination. So the risk to the population was justified.
Okay, as comic book fans, we know implicitly that Doom is out for conquest. But the movie itself failed to establish that overtly. There was no real sense that Doom endangered anyone but the Four, no sense that they were protecting anyone but themselves.

And no, I don't think it's justified to risk annihilating the human race to stop an aspiring tyrant. That's a textbook case of the cure being worse than the disease. Heck, even if Doom succeeded in conquering the world (and honestly, did anyone imagine for a minute that the Julian McMahon Dr. Doom was remotely capable of that?), at least its people would still exist and could be liberated through some other means than burning them to a crisp.
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