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Re: How many reset buttons?

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Well when shows are re-run (at least in the UK) they are always shown in order. Even the multi-part stories which are shown over the course of a few nights...
Yes, how programming over seas is run is very different than it is here in the US. I'm not sure if it was this post or another one but I had mentioned Trek in general seems to be more appreciated in the UK than in the US. I know in my area (NY tri-State), DS9 was barely rerun at all due to it's tight arc' based story. It wasn't until it reran on cable that folks could watch the entire series again. TOS, TNG and Voy., until a fairly recantly reran in syndication all the time.....but out of order.
First time I saw TOS (apart from odd episode in UK) was late night reruns on US TV. Felt like it was always on. Occasionally TNG and VOY but don't recall ever seeing DS9 rerun. Or maybe I just avoided as not a fan then.
Reruns of TOS are how Trek gained popularity originally.

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And are shows like "24" never re-run?
Plus, the extremely mature nature and themes of "24" doesn't allowed it to be shown before Prime time viewing due to parental television guidelines. Syndication times of regular US TV run from 4 till about 7 or 8. Anything showing extreme violence, mature themes or sexual situations can't be shown before 9:00pm.
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