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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Done with Disc 3. I never realized that each of the "Star-Spangled Enterprise" fragments in "Omega Glory" was a different bar of the anthem, and the cue numbers seem to represent their order. I would've liked to hear them put in order according to the anthem so that it would make the whole tune (with a couple of Trek fanfare interpolations), rather than what I assume to be the episode order.

What Steiner chose to do with library cues was very interesting, the way he pulled out these pieces of various cues to serve as standalone segments. For some reason, in the ones based on second-season scores, they're divided into separate tracks, but on the ones from "Charlie X" and "Corbomite," it's the whole piece straight through, but with breaks in the middle where one part trails off before the next begins, rather than making direct transitions as in the original.
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