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I'm actually going through Macross 7 right now, for the third time since watching it with the anime club back in the 90s. I understand that it's a love-hate sorta thing with its fans. Personally, if you can get through the first 12 episodes or so (which even I think aren't good), it picks up in tone and overall quality. Some like it, some don't. It was reasonably successful in Japan. Being a general Macross junkie, I can't deny its place in the Macross canon and enjoy it as light, cheesy entertainment. The Macross 7 movie and Macross Dynamite 7 OVA series that follow it are in the same vein, but with much better animation; I quite liked 'em too.
It really is a love it/hate it thing in fandom. But, like you, I still accept it because I love all things Macross, even the mildly retarded series like this one. I think my biggest problem with it is that Basara is such a ridiculously unlikeable character. That and it was really repetitive, even after episode 12. Again, critical me considers it trash, but Macross fanboy me still kinda loves the VF-17 design and loves seeing Max and Milia again, etc, etc...

Nice to see I wasn't the only one waiting on VHS trades of the Central Park Media subs back in the mid-90s - lol. Is it weird that I kind of miss those days?

Give plenty of credit to Carl Macek and those who stitched together three unrelated stories into a reasonably decent saga. They did better than Voltron (and vehicle Voltron!) and other similar efforts of that era, IMO.
Agreed - he did a hell of a job at a time when no one really cared about the quality of children's programming. He brought a series over, added a few series to it to make it playable here, and kept it mostly true to the source material. Enough so that it made a life-long fan of me. Macek gets a lot of hate, but not from me.

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Robotech: The Movie which can be seen here. I don't know where it fits though. I read that it takes place during The Macross Saga. I didn't go out of my way to see it because I also read that it's only loosely connected to the series. I don't now what that means, but a few weeks ago, I didn't want to bother with anything that wasn't canon or really essential.
It's garbage. It's another unrelated anime that they tried to cram (MUCH less successfully) into Robotech continuity. It's actually a movie called Megazone 23 which itself is only okay. If you're a "must see everything" Robotech fan, you're gonna hunt it down anyway probably, but I would caution you against it.

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No it's not. It only looks good in comparison to Zero or Seven.
It does look better, of course, but I also do think it's actually quite good. The main character is personality-less and basically acts as a viewer cypher - which sucks - but the story of the series is cool, the new designs are cool, and the 25th anniversary nods to the previous stuff is really cool. I do like the movies better, though. Alto actually sacks up and makes a choice at the end and it's a bit of a tighter story all around.

Mark_Nguyen wrote: View Post
There's a Macross 30th anniversary GAME that will be out soon for PS3. Haven't heard about any new anime...
Yeah, new game called Macross 30 for the anniversary and there is a animated thing called FB7 but as I understand it, it's just stock animation from Frontier and 7 - it's the characters from Frontier seeing what happened to the 7 fleet, but it's only a retelling of Macross 7.

I'm actually heading over to Japan next April and I'm looking forward to snagging a copy of Macross 30.
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