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Re: About that episode with the Klingon D-7 attacking Voyager...

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There's something that always bothered me about this episode...

How could a 23rd Century Klingon ship that hasn't seen the Alpha Quadrant for generations possibly recognize a 24th century Federation ship? Voyager doesn't look anything like any of Starfleet's 23rd century vessels...

I'm sure there was an explanation in the episode's dialogue but, I don't remember now...
Because it was just a really, really bad episode.

We're supposed to believe Klingons are going to recognize a Federation ship a century more advanced and brand new hull design but crew of the Enterprise-C couldn't recognize the Enterprise-D at all until told.

DS9forever wrote: View Post
I've always wondered why the Klingon ship is referred to as a D7 even though they used the DS9 K't'inga-class CGI model to represent it. Weren't there meetings between the writers and the SFX artists?
No, writers and FX artists don't usually interact.
The writers are most likely writing scripts at home while the special effects are done in a completely different studio most times not even on the Paramount lot. I believe George Lucas' company ILM was the EFX studio at one point. ILM is in a different county in Cali., than Paramount.
The writers don't describe and aren't involved with what the ship will look like or what stock footage in used in FX scenes. A whole 'nother dept. handles all of that.
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