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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

Newtown, especially the Sandy Hook section, is only about a half hour ride from where I live. In some shots of the command post at the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire station, I saw a police car from my town.

There are so many conflicting reports. The story is on almost every channel due to our proximity to New York City, so it's on all three CT network-affiliated stations as well as all major New York City stations, not to mention the national outlets such as CNN/HLN, MSNBC, FOXNews, etc.

The gunman, 20 year old Adam Lanza, is dead. His mother was the kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a K-5 facility. Many of the 18 children Lanza killed were in her class, he killed her as well. 9 adults were either killed or wounded, including Lanza.

A dead body has been found at the Lanza home in Newtown, but police have not released details yet.

Lanza's brother Ryan, age 24, was originally named as the killer, but Ryan Lanza is in police custody in Hoboken, NJ. Apparently Adam Lanza had some kind of ID with Ryan's name on it on his person. Police are now saying Ryan had nothing to do with Adam's actions.

Lt. Paul Vance of the CT State Police is well known, he's been the State Police PA Officer for many years and is a familiar face on CT television. Seeing him carried on CNN is eerie.

I posted this on FB as my thoughts on the situation:

It's simply shocking and frightening that a parent can send their child to school in the morning, never thinking they may never see that face alive again. When something so horrific happens so close to home, and you see it all over your local channels (both CT stations and NYC) it makes you realize these horrible things really can happen anywhere. We've even seen an American President cry today. Parents, hug your kids tight and never take that contact for granted.
My thoughts are with the parents of the children who lost their lives for no reason today, and my prayers are for those children's souls.
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