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Re: VOY Caption This 94; Leverage

Having a holographic masseuse is such a relief. You're the only one who's never tried to come on to me.

EMH reactivates pants subroutine>

It's a Bolian artifact, sir.
It says "Capricorn."
Yes sir. Astrology is sacred to our nightclub rituals.

Geez, all I said was watch out for snakes.

How did you find a reproductive mate in the Borg?

The tests are conclusive, Mister Neelix. It's much worse than a bad hair day.

With all due respect, Doctor - I want a second opinion.You made this diagnosis last week with Ensign Kim, as I recall.

Ensign Kim was sporting the Beiber, Mister Neelix. I was being humane.
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