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Re: VOY Caption This 94; Leverage

Hey, gracias for the win!

Doc, you're the only member of the crew who doesn't take a detour while massaging my ass.

Tuvok - Where did you get this?
Bolian - From an ancient warrior only known as "Mister T".

B'Elanna (thinking) - This guy is lame. Next time, I want a Kung Fu program, I'll make sure to program in David Carradine.

Seven - This one also likes long walks on the beach, Italian food and women in catsuits! It's like they were all made for me!
Harry (thinking) - I'm gonna program the holodeck for pizza in Honolulu. Maybe that'll work.

Doctor - It says here it's the seventh night of Chanukah, and it's signed by some guy named Tom Parisstein.
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