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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I preferred Rises. It adapted some of the biggest and most pivotal Batman stories,
It adapted those comic stories (No Man's Land and Knightfall) in a hacked screenplay that had no story to tell on it's own, rather than being inspired by other material the way The Long Halloween inspired aspects and images for Batman Begins.

The screenplay for Rises was a mess. It's the only film where he hcouldn't even shoot every bit of it, as he did with the others, and over an hour had to be cut out. But, in spite the length, I believe he just wanted out of the franchise, but he needed a lot of narrative to throw his paper-thin story behind, so he used those comic books, along with a lot of thin new characters and an awful lor of magical contrivances to create an utter disaster.

But he's a good filmmaker, one good enough to sue tricky layering of plot threads and editing to cover a myriad of sins, and even using those comic books to make it seem like this thin story had any real weight to it.
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