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Re: VOY Caption This 94; Leverage

Doctor: Don't worry captain, I'm sure these vigorous massage routines will help to end your 'dry patch'.

Bolian dude: So let me get this straight... You sided with us but were actually working for Starfleet, and then you betrayed us, but then joined Chakotay's mutiny and betrayed Janeway. I have one question; how are you still standing here?
Tuvok: After pledging my undying loyalty to the captain, I convinced her that I could persuade the ex-mutineers to come back into the fold.

Disagreements in Main Engineering were settled by Torres and the officer disagreeing with her slugging it out in the holosuites....

Kim: So he is your next victim?
Seven: In a manner of speaking, I have found that men become more cooperative when I untie my hair and partially unzip my catsuite.
Kim: I'll say...

Doctor: I am giving you an ultimatum Mr Neelix, either improve the quality of your cooking or you may find yourself a permanent patient of this sickbay...
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