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VOY Caption This 94; Leverage

The weekend starts here with the latest caption contest; have no fear for the Christmas holidays will have zero effect to the delivery of these contests over the next few weeks.

And now the winners of last week's contest...

Timewalker wrote: View Post

Janeway: All right, Marla, I know you. You started it, didn't you?

Gilmore: No, sir, I did not.

Janeway: Well, who did?

Gilmore: I don't know, sir.

Janeway (grumbling): 'I don't know, sir...'
latkah wrote: View Post

Tuvok - Scans indicate that this is something called Samuel Adams Winter Wheat IPA.
JanewayRulz! wrote: View Post

Tom: Poor guy... he didn't realize what he was getting into when that female Klingon offered to show him Stovokor.
Rudolph the Red Nosed Vulcan wrote: View Post

Tuvok: "I made it all myself."
Paris: "What is it?"
Tuvok: "A cellular peptide cake."
Kim: "With mint frosting."
JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

Leave me alone. I just found out I'm going to be fat in 15 years.

And now the special award:

Star Grinch wrote: View Post

Janeway: I'll miss the hedgehog. He was annoying, crude, vulgar, couldn't cook, but he basked in my power and authority. This man truly submitted to my will without fear. That's rare.
Double captioning mention goes to;

Merry Christmas wrote: View Post
Rudolph the Red Nosed Vulcan wrote: View Post

Janeway: You know the regulations.
No one shall have more sex than the Captain,
and since I'm in a bit of a dry patch ...
Someone: "Dry patch," I get it.

: Who said that?

: *** Laughter ***

: Mister Tuvok.

: No one aboard is allowed to laugh at the Captain's "dry patch."



With things back in order upon Voyager, we turn now to the obviously divided crew and ask ourselves; how does such a dysfunctional crew work together? The answer is leverage...

Next caption contest 21st of December. Have fun!
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