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Missing episodes: a hypothetical question

Maybe this should be a poll, but I was struck by something and wondered how others felt...

Suppose 10 missing episodes were found. Which option would you prefer:
a) They all come from stories which already exist in part (and complete those stories). Any combination you like (eg: Evil of the Daleks and Faceless Ones, or Masterplan and 10th Planet, or Web of Fear and Abominable Snowmen), but there's nothing at all from stories which are entirely missing (such as Marco Polo or Power of the Daleks).
b) One sample episode from each of the 10 stories that are entirely missing (which means we get one complete story, Mission to the Unknown).

I think I'd got for b), just so we've got an idea what the rest of them was like, even though a single episode can be misleading...
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