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That's consistent with what we always saw in TOS. We never saw a female security guard, or an alien Enterprise crewmember other than Spock, until the animated series. First Strike is set in the early second season, after "Friday's Child."
I admit that I cheated and added a female security officer to my next TOS book, but, yeah, Spock is clearly the only "alien" officer aboard the Enterprise in in the original series, given the way his Vulcan nature seems to be a constant source of interest and curiosity from the rest of the crew. One gets the distinct impression that Spock is regarded as something of a novelty by the otherwise human crew of the Enterprise.

That being said, I suppose it would be possible to have an alien Starfleet officer or diplomat be temporarily assigned to the Enterprise for the length of one book . . .
That's sounds really neat your going to have a female security officer on board the Enterprise.I'.ve been reading the older novels and they had Ingrid Tompson as the security chief featured in several of the older Startrek books.I definitely will be buying this book.
Great! My new security officer actually has big part in the book. She's not just a random redshirt.
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